Sometimes it is not possible to settle by agreement; roughly 5% of divorce cases in New York go to trial where they are adjudicated by a judge or other trier of fact who listens to the witnesses’ testimony and considers the evidence before him or her. Our attorneys are tenacious and experienced litigators dedicated to achieving the best outcome for our clients in Family Court, Supreme Court and the Appellate Courts of New York.

Divorce Settlements 

Most divorces in New York are settled by agreement. Our attorneys are skilled and seasoned negotiators who are not afraid to think outside the box to craft divorce settlements that are clear, thoughtful and individually tailored to meet our clients’ particular needs. Our settlement agreements comprehensively address all relevant issues, including equitable distribution of marital assets, maintenance (also known as alimony), and custody and child support for children of the marriage. 

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

New York law encourages couples to chart their own course by entering into contracts—before marriage with a prenuptial agreement or after marriage with a postnuptial agreement—regarding the disposition of property upon divorce or death. Our goal is to provide certainty and clarity so that if a marriage does end in divorce, the couple can part ways with as little strife and expense as possible. We craft agreements that are thoughtful, thorough, and clearly written. We are also extremely mindful of the process, treating it as a collaboration that can hopefully strengthen a couple's relationship and understanding of each other. 


Couples are often drawn to the idea of reaching a settlement through a more collaborative process with the help of a mediator. While a mediator does not advocate for either side’s position, he or she helps them identify issues that need to be resolved, provides them with legal information, and assists them in reaching an agreement that feels fair and equitable to each of them.

Child Custody, Support &  Property Issues for
Non-Married Couples

We handle all legal issues involved when non-married individuals have children together, including paternity, financial support of the children, how the parents will make decisions regarding the children, and when the children will see each parent. We strive to make co-parenting as seamless and stress-free as possible. We also assist non-married individuals to protect their rights in and to property acquired during their intimate relationships through cohabitation agreements and property partition actions.


Sometimes judges just get it wrong. When a party, whether a family law client of ours or not, feels aggrieved by a court’s decision, we can assist to remedy the wrong by taking an appeal of the decision to a higher court. Our attorneys have many years of experience in analyzing decisions to determine if they contain appealable issues and have successfully prosecuted and defended appeals in the First and Second Judicial Departments.

Post-Judgment Proceedings

Life happens. The costs to meet your children’s needs have skyrocketed as they have gotten older; you or your former spouse loses a job and is having a difficult time paying support; you fall in love with someone who lives in another state and you want to move there with your child(ren) from your previous marriage. The list of life changes that render the settlement agreement you reached with your former spouse years ago no longer workable, is endless.  We assist individuals to meet their personal challenges by marshalling the facts and presenting compelling arguments to convince a court that it should modify the terms of a settlement agreement to meet your changed needs.