Dr. Ben Michaelis advises Rower LLC’s clients on complicated emotional and psychological issues that may arise in the process of negotiating a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement or dissolving a marriage.

Dr. Michaelis is a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice since 2004. He works with a wide array of patients, including individuals going through difficult, complex family transitions. Dr. Michaelis is also a popular speaker and the author of Your Next Big Thing: Ten Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy. Dr. Michaelis has been featured as a mental health expert on television and radio programs such as The Today Show, Fox News, and MSNBC, as well as publications including O, The Oprah Magazine; Parents Magazine; and the Huffington Post.

Dr. Michaelis graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University in 1995 and earned his master’s degree in psychology in 2001 and his PhD in 2004, both from NYU. Dr. Michaelis lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children.